Wow Your Friends with Raclette Grilling!

Raclette grilling... what the heck is raclette?

Well, think of it as a combination of fondue and BBQ. It's the most fun way to have a party or a gathering or a celebration for your family.

It's special. It's unique and you'll amaze your friends when you invite them over for a different kind of dinner. Raclette grilling is the name of a meal that can be an appetizer or... an entire meal.

The name "raclette" comes from the practice of melting cheese and the French word "racler" meaning "to scrape."

History buffs will tell you that this custom of melting this special raclette cheeseicon began on the hillsides of the Valais region in Switzerland at the end of the 19th century. During the fall chill, when the wine harvest was coming to an end, grape harvesters took from their sacks a small loaf of brown bread, some cheese, and a bottle of wine.

Legend has it that one of the men stabbed a piece of cheese with a large buck knife, and approached a crackling fire made from vine branches to warm himself while he ate. As the cheese made contact with the fire, it started to melt and run with a crisp, golden texture.

As he slowly scraped the melting cheese, the others tasted this novelty. It was indeed excellent. And there begins this custom of grilling cheese. It has a long tradition in both Switzerland and France.

But grilling this special cheeseicon is only part of it.

Not only will you be thrilled with this fun and easy way to entertain, but anybody you introduce to it will immediatly want to have their own grill.

These recipes are many and varied. I've tried to include the best ones and will continue to add more as time goes on. There are endless varieties and ways in which to use this wonderful mode of cooking.

Below are some of my favorite recipes, information about Raclette cheese (and where to buy it!) and indoor grilling. Enjoy and grill to your heart's content!


Raclette Recipes
Traditional Swiss
This is a classic recipe from Switzerland for indoor grilling.

Brie Raclette
Here's a new twist on an old theme.

Asparagus Raclette
For veggie lovers!

Additional Information for Raclette Grilling
What is Raclette cheese?

Where to buy a Raclette Grill

Where to buy Raclette Cheeseicon

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